October 30, 2020

See Why UNILAG Graduates Have Advantage in Postgraduate Admission, and What You Need To Do

One of the frequently asked questions about admission into UNILAG School of Postgraduate Studies is: “Is It True That UNILAG Considers Their Graduates First in Postgraduate Admission?

The rate at which candidates often ask this question implies that some have already believed that UNILAG considers their graduates first in postgraduate admission.

The reason they usually give for their belief is that success rate of UNILAG graduates in the postgraduate admission is very high.

Well, in as much as we agree that the success rate of UNILAG graduates in postgraduate admission is high, we must state categorically clear that UNILAG does NOT consider their graduates first.

Why Then Do UNILAG Graduates Have Very High Success Rate if the School Does not Consider Them First?

The reason is simple: Having spent a minimum of four years in the same department, UNILAG graduates now know the standard of the department and every lecturer. Besides, the postgraduate entrance exam questions are usually based on what they were taught in their undergraduate programme.

You can now see why they have a very high success rate.

In a nutshell, UNILAG does not Consider Their Graduates First, rather, UNILAG graduates have advantages that make it easy for them to gain postgraduate admission.

How Then Can Graduates of Other Schools Enjoy This Same Advantages That UNILAG Graduates Have?

The answer is our Masterclass Tutorial. Joining our tutorial gives you enormous advantages even more than graduates of UNILAG.

Here are reasons why graduates of other schools who joined our tutorial have higher success rate than UNILAG graduates

  • Any lecturer we use for any course is already a PhD student or Master Degree Holder in that course and also had his/her first degree in the same course from UNILAG. Being under the tutelage of such lecturer gives you equal advantage with UNILAG graduates.
  • Our lecturers do not just teach, they also give you Area of Concentration (AoC) in your preparation for the entrance exam. This particular advantage alone, has been the sole reason why some candidates register for our tutorials because questions usually come out from the AoC. Note UNILAG graduates do not have this advantage.

You can now see why our Masterclass Tutorial has a 98.79% Average Success Rate which is far above the one of UNILAG graduates.

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