September 26, 2020

Great Poem About Life Struggles

This is also a great Poem about life struggle . Life requires overcoming challenges and obstacles of many types. Struggles are required in order to survive in Life, Because in order to stand up you have to know what falling down is like. Struggle is not the identity . You must learn to live while you struggle .

Who will take responsibility?

How wondrous will it be
When we accept we have failed
Who will stand for us
When we, ourselves are not ready
Should we continue to blame others
Is it not time we face our fears
Shall we continue to live in despair
Oh, I sense hypocrisy

Refrain: Who will take responsibility?

We desire good tidings
But no one wants to pay the price
Should we wait till death calls us home
Who will save us from this distress
Our women are being disrespected
The men are being exploited

The leaders continue to wallow in impunity
The children are still rendered helpless
We, ourselves are now entities to them
The still come to us to buy our mandate
Beautiful lies are told to soothe our pain
Because that is what we wish to hear
We ignorantly sell our future to them
Only to regret our actions later

Our greed has led to the end of us
They begin to lead without serving
We are now treated like animals
Our shadows begin to laugh at us
We now become toothless like a blunt sword
Even the fierce lion is now tamed

Until we move no one will move
It is high time we say no to oppression
We shall stand as one in harmony
The trumpet of Justice shall be blown
Blood will be shed
Lives will be lost
Some will happily cry
But the end shall justify the means.

Honesty Femick

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